November 11, 2007

Beer Can Collecting

I am lucky enough to be a woman who enjoys beer can collection. It happened to start back in college, the more beer we swilled, the more cans we had stacked up.


A guy in our apartment complex kinda turned me on to it. He was telling me about his beer can collecting he had been doing since he was a teenager. I kinda became intriqued and before I knew, I started scouring the internet for unique cans. I especially enjoy snaring cans from other countries. They each seem to have a character that resonates the area and time from which they spawned.

 I usually can the classified and hang out at my local brew pub and find other collectors I can swap and sell cans with. I also keep on eye on EBay.

So many different cans, now some are complete crap while other are downright priceless. I really like getting my hands on some flat top cans.


I seem to get lucky once in awhile with Ebay and find what I am looking to collect. It whats beer can collection so fun for me.
You never know where a special collectible will pop up.

I remember when I was 16. Puerto Rican laws are not very strict when caucasians bring their teenagers to the island. I spent about two weeks pickling my liver with Schmidts beer, it’s not a much of a collectable. But, it has meaning to me and thats why I enjoy beer can collecting. Sometimes you can get ahold of a can, memories rush to you, and get to relive a wonderful moment all over again.


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